SOME WORds from our great customers

So far very good

Have had for 3 weeks and so far I am very pleased with quality of hearing and customer service has been great.

Larry S.
I would recommend.

Checked HearGift out thoroughly before purchasing. So far it has been worthwhile and I was impressed with the people I dealt with. I would definitely recommend this to anyone in need.

Jessie B.
Better than expensive hearing aids!

The V6 hearing aids are great they work a lot better than the $6800.00 aids I purchased 3 years ago. I will recommend these to all my family and friends. I have had these for only 2 weeks GREAT! so far.

David E. R.
Everything has been great

Everything has been great. Customer service is top notch. HA is good quality, it could be smaller (for comfort) but overall, very good and the price can't be beat. Even WITH the lousy exchange rate, USD/CAD.

Mary L.
They work very well

I find the hearing aids work very well. I had a few questions which were quickly responded to and very satisfactorily by their team. My initial consult which persuaded me to purchase the hearing aids, and was also very informative and gave me the confidence to proceed down this journey to better hearing!

Martha M.

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