HearGift V6 Hearing Aids

$319.95 $159.99
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HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids
HearGift V6 Hearing Aids

HearGift V6 Hearing Aids - FREE SHIPPING

$319.95 $159.99
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Did you know that 38 million Americans suffer from some type of hearing loss? The most common effects are:

  • Difficulty hearing the TV even with the volume up high
  • Straining to hear peaceful nature sounds, such as birds chirping
  • Being unable to understand people when they're speaking
  • Feeling embarrassed after asking someone to repeat themselves
  • Feeling cut off and isolated from friends and family

For a long time, the only option was to spend thousands of dollars on traditional hearing aids.

Thankfully, that's no longer the case.

Introducing our most popular, 100% digital hearing device that is suitable for age-related and mild-to-severe hearing loss!

Each HearGift V6 hearing device:

- Is 100% digital. This is our mid-range hearing device and we are proud to say that on a price to performance basis, it is the best option.

- Is very discreet and nearly invisible. It fits snugly in your ear canal and is almost impossible to see from the front.

- Is suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss. Don't let the size fool you! These little guys are very powerful.

- Has a Tinnitus Masking System which blocks all the frequencies that are known to cause tinnitus. No more ringing in your ears!

- Is programmed with our Intelligent Noise Reduction System which automatically lowers annoying background noise. It also amplifies sounds in your immediate environment such as voices, music and TV.

- Features our new Feedback Compression DFS System which dramatically lowers whistling and feedback issues - in some cases, as much as 70%!

- Built-In Wind Noise Suppression System - no more whistling noises in windy environments! Wear your hearing device to the beach, to the park, or even while riding a bike!

- Loud Sound Protection System - when noise reaches a certain decibel level, the LSP system automatically turns your hearing device into an earplug that protects your eardrum. Very useful for hunting!

- Adaptive Volume Control System - the hearing device automatically adjusts its sound profile settings to match your environment.

- Is extremely easy to use and can be turned on and off with a simple switch.

- Is tiny and fits comfortably in your ear. It's only 1.8x1.2 cm in size!

- Comes with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Try it out, and if within 60 days of receiving the hearing device, you're not satisfied for any reason at all - simply send it back to us for a 100% hassle-free refund.

Each hearing device comes with:

- 1 Carrying Case
- 1 A10 Battery
- 1 Brush
- 3 Ear Domes (Small, Medium, Large)
- 1 Wax Guard Pack (contains 5)
- 1 Manual

Looking for more batteries? You can find them at any local pharmacy, drugstore or supermarket. Or you can now buy them here.

Do you have a smaller ear canal? You can also buy the flexible ear domes pack (click here).

We are not sure how long our stock of V6 devices will last. So click the Add To Cart button to get your V6 device before they're gone, or scroll down to see what our customers have to say.

Product Comparison

HearGift Product Comparison

Features V5 V6 V7 RITE
Mild-To-Severe Loss
Smart Noise Reduction
Discreet ITC Model
Adaptive Volume Control
Fully Digital
Tinnitus Masking
Advanced Noise Reduction
Feedback DFS System
Wind Suppression
Loud Sound Protection
Pre-Programmed Modes
Push Button Control
Tinnitus Mode
Sleep Mode
60-Day Guarantee




All orders come with FREE shipping worldwide. Shipping times & carriers vary depending on location:

USA: 10-15 business days delivered with USPS
Canada: 7-15 business days delivered with Canada Post
UK: 10-15 business days delivered with Royal Mail
Australia: 10-15 business days delivered with Australia Post

Express shipping is also available: 5-8 days for delivery. No PO boxes for express shipping.


Hearing is unique to each individual. We understand that no product can work for everyone, so we have a 60-day return policy.

Try the hearing devices out for 60 days, and if you're not satisfied for any reason, just let us know. Once you return the product back to us in Canada, we will provide you with a full refund.


"... He used to have to use the subtitles on the TV, now he doesn't have to use those anymore..." - Sarah
"... HearGift is these tiny little in the ear hearing aids that work wonderfully." - Marc
"I can listen, and I can hear things that I couldn't hear before..." - Paul
"Everything is clear, and it seems like perfect volume all the time..." - Antonia

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
The V6 Hearing Aid

I purchased the V6 hearing aids in September '19. I really like them as far as the job they do. What I don't like is the battery compartments are constantly breaking off. The left one started breaking immediately after receipt of the hearing aides. I called and the company sent me a couple of replacement compartments for both left and right ones. The right one only started breaking recently and I used both the compartments that I have and now are just having to deal with fishing the battery compartments out and putting a new battery in. I feel this is a design flaw of the V6 hearing aid and will continue to be a problem as long as I have them. I wish I had known that they were coming out with the V7 I would have waited. These have switches to cut them off so you don't have to open the battery compartment to shut them off. Since both of the battery compartments are broken now it's almost like it ruins the units. I guess now I have to buy more spare compartments and keep replacing them every few days.

Great aids

Great hearing aids I used higher price aids for six years and when I had problems with them decided to try these I am impressed with these aids

Great Hearing aid Great Support!

I've tried other hearing aids, but the plastic hook over the ear always was a problem. With the size adjustments provided with the aid, they fit well and I can hear comfortably. I contacted the company with a question and they were online and gave me the support I needed in a couple of minutes! Really appreciate the hearing aids...I'm no longer locked out of conversations I can't hear.

V6 model

I received my hearing aid ,This was my 2nd order from Hear Gift,
I'm still doing some adjustments to them,
I have to say along with a great product ,the service. This company offers is impeccable,
They hover over you like a mother hen,!
I've honestly never had this quality of service from any company of any kind ,anywhere,
They know how to run a business
Thank you again HearGift!


My kids got me the v6 and they work fine except they squeal when I take them out and put them back in. I only have them turned up half way

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