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HearGift Ear Domes
HearGift Ear Domes

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These ear domes are for the V5, V6 and V7 hearing aid models (ITC). If you have a smaller ear canal size, it is recommended to order the flexible ear domes as these are specifically made for smaller ear canals.

Each pack contains 6 domes (regular or flexible).

Delivery times & carriers:

USA: 10-15 business days delivered with USPS.
Canada: 7-15 business days delivered with Canada Post.
UK: 10-15 business days delivered with Royal Mail.
Australia: 10-15 business days delivered with Australia Post.

South America, Asia, Africa and rest of Europe: 15-20 business days for delivery.


Features VX V7 V6 V5 RITE
Mild-To-Severe Loss
Smart Noise Reduction
Discreet ITC Model
Adaptive Volume Control
Fully Digital
Tinnitus Masking
Advanced Noise Reduction
Feedback DFS System
Wind Suppression
Loud Sound Protection
Pre-Programmed Modes
Push Button Control
Tinnitus Mode
Sleep Mode
60-Day Guarantee




All orders come with FREE shipping worldwide. Shipping times & carriers vary depending on location:

USA: 10-15 business days delivered with USPS
Canada: 7-15 business days delivered with Canada Post
UK: 10-15 business days delivered with Royal Mail
Australia: 10-15 business days delivered with Australia Post

Express shipping is also available: 5-8 days for delivery. No PO boxes for express shipping.


Hearing is unique to each individual. We understand that no product can work for everyone, so we have a 60-day return policy.

Try the hearing devices out for 60 days, and if you're not satisfied for any reason, just let us know. Once you return the product back to us in Canada, we will provide you with a full refund.


"...HearGift is great, comfortable and the folks are easy to deal with." - Jim
"... He used to have to use the subtitles on the TV, now he doesn't have to use those anymore!" - Sarah
"... The sound quality is equally as good as the $6,000 pair that I had previously." - Doug
"... One of the best purchases that I've made in years!" - Karen
"I can listen, and I can hear things that I couldn't hear before..." - Paul
"Everything is clear, and it seems like perfect volume all the time..." - Antonia

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Barry Cohen
Greatt Service and Products. Thankyou.


Robert Reed
Great product great price

I received everything and am very happy with all of it. So much so I also recommended your product to another and helped them make the purchase of a set of hearing aids

Martin Handler
Well made

These domes are well made and designed to last. Heargift is the only company that I know of who sells flexible domes designed for users with small ear canals.

Frank B.
Didn't work for me but good customer service.

The items came in a timely fashion. Unfortunately I could not get the units to work for me. I contacted support and they processed the RMA and issued a refund a few days after they had the unit back, which is what they said they would do.

Annie Chapman

I received my pair of Hear Gift V6 hearing aids (HA) 3 days ago, on time, well packed, all present and correct. The instructions were decent, though they do have that weird turn of phrase that happens with translations.
I am 70 years old and an HA wearer (5 years) with moderate hearing loss due to scarring from childhood ear infections, and possibly exacerbated by loud music...I am a semi-pro guitar player...not so loud anymore! I would like to relate my past HA experience, my experience with the Hear Gifts, and then compare the two:
My first pair of HA cost $2,000 and came from Costco. They wer the “behind the ear” type. Compared to other similar offerings on the market that was “cheap”. They put me through all the tests and showed me my frequency response curve on a computer screen and how my new HA would be programmed to fill in all my deficient areas.Those HA had all the bells and whistles...bluetooth streaming for phone and music, GPS so the HA could remember places and automatically adjust when I next went there, custom recallable settings for various scenarios like driving or playing music, standards settings for restaurants, parties Etc, tone controls etc. etc. I took on the added cost of a new iPhone in order to control all that stuff...AND I USED NONE OF IT! I would put the HA in when I got up in the morning...standard all around setting...and would not fiddle with them and or iPhone (Which I could hear fine using speaker phone) til I took them out at bedtime. A few weeks in I started to have problems. One HA began to crackle and distort, and it would only work on one of the settings..the rear facing microphone ceased to work. Over the last five years I only had few months at time trouble free and spent much of the time wearing just one HA while the other was in being fixed. When the warranty ran out it became “rebuilds” at $150 per HA. I winter in Baja (Mexico) and with Covid-19 limiting travel I have spent the last 10 months wearing just 1 HA!

I had several concerns about trying the Hear Gifts. Despite all the glowing reviews when I Googled “Best Inexpensive Hearing Aids” the price seemed too good to be true. I was also unsure how I would do with the ITC design...the idea of having my ears fully blocked were scary for a musician, and I was concerned that my personal “frequency response curve” would would no longer be corrected. I need not have worried, it has all turned out great so far. Longevity without problems is, of course, to be seen.

The HG V6s sound every bit as good, maybe even better, than my previous HA...in fact I spent a day wearing one of each to compare them...in a blind study I would not have known! The V6s were a screech-fest when I first put them in, but I turned them down as instructed and found the right setting for me. They are a bit more “squeaky” than the behind-the-ear ones, but that is understandable because they are so small and the microphone has to be close to the speaker, but once adjusted right, and with the right dome sizes it is not a problem except for a quick wail taking out and putting in. I can live with that. Just like my precious super fancy ones I put them in when I get up...and forget them. Another unexpected plus is that they do not interfere

Sheila Trent-Lett
Great product

Great product. Works as it should

Lester Arnold

HearGift Ear Domes

Paul Schmidt
Love the new V7

A lot of improvement on the 7, the push button is great, tinnitus filter works great, low, mid, high button is perfect, really recommend the V7.

Steven Arnold
Hear Domes & Wax Guards

Thank you very much for the gift card that allowed me to make my purchase! Everyone at HearGift are the best!!!

Donna Gibson
I can hear again!

Had some shipping issue that were out of control of Seller--but the wait was worth it!

Even more customers speaking for us

"Wow! I'm hearing things I haven't heard in a long time!" - Keith
"...I can hear my coworkers and I can hear my patients!" - Cynthia
"I can hear as well with this hearing aid as I could with my $5,000 one." - Richard
"I recommend them for any loud noise environment, such as construction, music production, automotive sports..." - Stu
"... When my hearing aid arrived it was love at first sound." - Drusilla
"... HearGift is these tiny little in the ear hearing aids that work wonderfully." - Marc